Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Sherlock Holmes Cast Interview

Entertainment Tonight has been able to meet the cast of the new Sherlock Holmes movie. So we may enjoy this interview here below:

Robert Downey Jr. is answering to those who may think that Guy Ritchie's Sherlock Holmes isn't respecting the source material:

"The reinvention [of Sherlock Holmes] is actually a return to the idiosyncrasy that Conan Doyle had in his books that people hadn't really pay much attention to."
Robert Downey Jr.

I agree that there is indeed a lot of action in the Sherlock Holmes series. Not sure though that Robert Downey's physiognomy is that close to the original Sherlock Holmes as described in the book. But that's a detail we may forgive, and even won't even notice because of Downey's great acting talent.


Trish said...

I so agree with Robert Downey Jr. in that Ritchie's take is a return to Doyle - the other films and even TV series (bless them for what they were) were watered down and did not reflect the full intelligence and complexity of the original tales...