Monday, 18 May 2009

Sherlock Holmes Movie Trailer

The first official movie trailer of Sherlock Holmes has finally been released:


That's definitely not the traditional portrayal of Sherlock, I have no doubt that this explosive reinvention of Conan Doyle's detective will catch the attention of the new generations. This Sherlock Holmes trailer shows a lot of comic scenes though. I know Director Guy Ritchie wants to reinvent the character and to adapt him to our time... But it still feels odd, even if Robert Downey Jr. seems to really enjoy those funny jokes.

Anyway, impatient to get some preview clips of Sherlock Holmes to discover the film further.


Heather said...

People are already talking "controversy" and "ruining the character" and blah blah blah... but if you check out the actual BOOKS, I'm thinking people will actually be surprised at the aspects to Holmes and Watson that have been neglected over the years, that I think this movie will reveal.

DuckPuppy said...

Actually... I've read the stories, and this isn't really anything like the conceited, highly-opinionated, well-spoken occasional drug user I'm familiar with. I don't think a Sherlock Holmes movie could be made in today... movie goers need too many explosions. I submit as my first evidence - this trailer.

Rik said...

absolutely bollocks this film is.
watson looks more a fighter than a medical man and sherlock looks like an idiot. Sherlock would have never let a woman kick him in the balls, as he knows before she that she will attempt to do so and he would have gently but forcefully stopped her. He would never say something like be a lady because in his view that would mean something entirely different as he does not think highly of women.
Plus, all the explosions and guns in this film make me sick.
The one thing that makes the sherlock stories stand out from all the others is the intrigue and mystery being made exeptionally well, without much guns and\ or big action scene's. The story keeps you tied to your chair, NOT the special effects or action scene's and thats why conan doyle is turning in his grave as we speak. this is a very shitty attempt at a sherlock holmes film.
And i would love to see a new sherlock holmes film as it can be very well made today. just should be made in the style of old english films as the adventures of series and films by brett or rathbone that atmosphere is needed and the action should be cut out and make room for a more developed storyline..

ava said...

I agree. there is nothing better then sitting in on a cold winter night and watching brett as holmes.. basil is one of the best too. i want to see this film though?? waiting to see how they make holmes look. i really wish they kept the deer stalker hat and the jacket and made watson look a little older. but its great seeing another holmes film up on the big screen...